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Trying to load drivers for Empirical Audio Off-Ramp 5 USB DAC converter and no luck. Just put Server 2012 R2 on NUC which has Celeron N2820 chip. NUC board is DN2820fyk. Optimizer loaded and setup as instructed. Windows 8.1 driver for off-ramp is avaialble which EA thinks should work with Server 2012. Also loaded Roon and it won't run producing an error that OpenGL 3 Is required but not supported although the message says its easily solved but with no hint as to how. I've used the NUC with W7 and JRiver MC without problems. Just thought i would try with Optimizer. Any thoughts / direction much appreciated.


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did you use the DriverHelper Feature of ServiceTool to install your driver? (And did you not forget to do a reset via ServiceTool before doing so?)




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