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Avaishi Cohen Into the Silence


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Thanks for flagging. I wouldn't have noticed that this isn't the bassist indeed.


Am considering getting it but €20 at Qobuz (no Sublime discount on ECM) or €21 at Highresaudio is a lot of money for a single album.


Will probably wait until the next discount code from either one of the shops above.

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This isnt the bassist Avaishai Cohen that most of us are familiar with, but equally as talented trumpeter.



I understood your post as meaning he played trumpet on this album, instead of the usual bass.


I too wasn't aware that there are two different jazz musicians named Avishai Cohen. This is very confusing. I've only seen that with the two Bill Evans (the pianist and the saxophonist), but those two weren't active at the same time.


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Roon still hasn't managed to separate them.

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