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Rip Files Separate with EAC?


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Instead, under the "action" tab, use "copy selected tracks".


There are many good EAC tutorials. here are two good ones:




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Thanks, yup the tutorial I read said to click the IMG button to rip so that's what I did. When you create a cue sheet does EAC include the album art from the disc or how do I get that? And can I create a cue sheet for just the songs I rip incase I don't rip the whole disc, just selected songs or does it only create it for the whole disc?


I couldn't find it on the sites you had. Thanks


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Why do you continue to worry about cue sheets and album-sized files? Don;t deal with cue sheets if you don't need to; they're a PITA.


Album art can be obtained in a number of different ways, depending on the file format you use (and are discussed all over the forums here; do a search). Wav files have a difficult time storing anything that is metadata (album name, artist, genre, etc) let alone album art. What file format are you eventually storing your rips in?


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Unfortunately I am ripping them in wav. For a lot of the discs I have I only rip about 4-5 songs from them (the ones I like) and I use MediaMonkey right now but I am going to give Foobar2000 a try once I get all of my discs ripped.


From the tutorial that I read it goes through step by step on how to set up foobar correctly and I am going to give it a shot b/c I have never fully gotten my mediamonkey set up perfectly so I'm going to give it a shot.


Anyhoo, I would like to have the album art regardless of which program I use so which would be the easiest way to get that?




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As stated above, use EAC and have it convert files to FLAC


Import files in MediaMonkey and use its Tag from web feature.


At this point you can use save the information it finds (not always the same as EAC)




just paste the artwork MediaMonky finds into the FLAC files




go to your favorite website (ie Amazon), find the artwork and paste into the files


To paste the artwork, just highlight the album in MediaMonkey and right click on the album for various options


Also, IMO, you should rip the entire CD 1) as you never know when you are going to want a song 2) the extra time required is trivial in the scope of things and 3) storage is very cheap these days


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