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NAD M12 or Naim DAC V-1?

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Anyone have listening experience with the NAD M12 and/or Naim Dac V-1? Looking to make digital move after many years.


I currently have Lenovo T410, Windows 7 Pro, JRiver 20, Halide USB-SPDIF, Peachtree iDecco, Paradigm Active Reference 40, Vandersteen V2W.


I have some familiarity with the M12 and have heard one for several days at a time (family member owns one.) It's very good and the owner is very satisfied with it. He actually replaced a previous middle of the road dac and a very good Audio Research LS25 tube preamp with it. He is very happy with his choice. The BluOS streamer card sounds great and works very well (but some don't like the interface.) Supposedly there are rumors about making BluOS Roon compatible.

Roon ->UltraRendu + CI Audio 7v LPS-> Kii Control -> Kii Three

Roon->BMC UltraDAC->Mr Speakers Aeon Flow Open

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