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Magma ExpressBox

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Hey guys - I really want to try a Lynx PCIe card, but I don't want to buy a Mac Pro for almost $3000 just so I can use PCI Express cards. So, I found this device called the Magma ExpressBox. It is an external box that holds the PCIe card and connects to a Laptop with an open ExpressCard slot.




Something sounds fishy or maybe less than ideal with this solution. Has anyone used a product from Magma before or a device like this?


I just can't imagine this solution being audiophile quality :-|


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... until you torque the connections too much just once. But you know, you run the same risk with USB and Firewire connections on a laptop too - just because a laptop is portable, and we DO 'port' them don't we?


Note to self: ..... got to remember not to eat a sammich and sip coffee while carrying the MBP while it is connected to the Fireface400 ..... always disconnect FF400 FIRST...


Electronically and physically, there is no reason that this shouldn't work just fine. That is what the ExpressCard slot, and the PCMCIA before it, is for. I don't know anything about Magma products though..... Magma does state that the PCIe slot inside the unit is "8x", which is more than adequate for the Lynx AES16e which only requires a 1x connection.


Note to Chris: Now here is a sketchy, but INTERESTING alternative to MacPro for the time being. It does have possible, even probable, issues but nothing that couldn't be planned for and overcome. Check it out: http://www.macworld.com/article/133224/2008/04/frankenmac_benchmark.html

oops... should add this link too: http://www.macworld.com/article/133028/2008/04/building_mac_clone.html?t=205




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I looked at the Magma PCI extender awhile back, but ruled it out due to complexity and cost. By the time you add up all the pieces it's almost better to find a used Weiss AFI1 and get firewire to AES.


Chris, maybe you could add one more system eval to the symposium Mac Pro -> Sonic via firewire -> AES to Berkeley or some other DAC.


Voltron had a similar setup at Canjam where we could A/B the Model 4 to the BADA (connected via AES to the Model 4). I actually preferred the BADA over the Model 4, but that was a limited listening session and levels were not perfectly matched.




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I actually have some history with a magma unit. No, did not get it to work. I think we know why it did not work and have a fix of sorts. After digging around with the two companies it turns out that the clock chip has to be a certian type. Basically, the paracom chip works and the cypress chip does not work (not sure of spellling of the chips). This is from lynxs themselves. I would have to start from scratch to test (no more card or magma) I am also not really sure If I want to try it anyway. I am considering something else for now. Magma does have a 30 day return policy to try it anyone is interested.


ps I only spoke to them about the pci not pci express.......


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