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Digital booklets .pdf and streamers apps

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This is my first post after several months of reading the forum in the shadows and learning a lot from it.


I'm planning to buy an Auralic Aries (hooked wirelessly to a QNAP) to substitute the MBP with Audirvana + that I'm currently using. I understand I would benefit from better SQ.


But I have a small question that it's very important for me. I listen almost only to classical music and I buy a lot of Hi-Res digital music that comes with a digital booklet in .pdf which I like to read whenever I'm listening to new music or for archival purposes (interpreters, recording date, etc.)


I was wondering if the Auralic DS app can show this files or if any other app available does it.


I've never run a music server from a NAS and I would like to have this clarified beforehand.


Thanks a lot,


PS: English is not my native language. Excuse any mistakes.

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JRemote with JRiver is the only app I know of that is pdf friendly. I am 100% with you on the pdf booklets. I use them all the time and they are my #1 priority feature for a player which is why I haven't jump in the Roon bandwagon yet.


Auralic use the OpenHome architecture I think which is compatible I believe with JRiver. So, although It somewhat negates the need for an Aries, there may be a way to use JRemote/JRiver to control the Aries through DLNA or something... I am not a 100% sure here tough. Someone with more knowledge could chime in here but I believe there is a possible run around way for you.


Good luck!

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Thanks for your answers.


I know iTunes does show booklets and Audirvana + too. I read them with the latter.


But from what I've been reading so far, if I set a upnp server the only option (not sure) would be JRemote controlling the Aries.


Such a pity, as I believe even upnp standard doesn't support pdf. See this thread in minimserver forum.


And the status of Roon in that regard: they will offer support for pdf as liner notes.

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