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Linear power supply increases wireless speed?

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In my system I have a wireless ac bridge downstairs connected to my control pc. This bridge receives music from my NAS upstairs via a wireless router. I've been trying different power options for my wireless bridge to see if I could improve the sound. Last night I used an Acopian linear power supply and noticed my wireless speed increased. Is this just coincidence or could supplying consistent regulated actually improve the performance of the bridge?

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Other components:

UpTone Audio LPS1.2/IsoRegen, Fiber Switch and FMC, Windows Server 2016 OS, Audiophile Optimizer 3.0, Fidelizer Pro 6, HQ Player, Roonserver, PS Audio P3 AC regenerator, HDPlex 400W ATX & 200W Linear PSU, Light Harmonic Lightspeed Split USB cable, Synergistic Research Tungsten AC power cords, Tara Labs The One speaker cables, Tara Labs The Two Extended with HFX Station IC, Oyaide R1 outlets, Stillpoints Ultra Mini footers, Hi-Fi Tuning fuses, Vicoustic/RealTraps/GIK room treatments

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Unless your router is nailed to the wall, you probably moved it a small amount while changing the power input. Slight changes in placement (i.e. orientation) sometimes have a larger impact on signal, especially if the distance between sender and receiver is not negligible.

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I'm with yago here. In my experience, for non-trivial distances a pair of Asus RT-AC66U will do a good job.

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Work: Apple Macbook Pro 15" --USB--> Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 --1/4\"--> Superlux HD668B / 2x Genelec 6010A

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Less noise could well allow it to operate optimally.


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*Jeff Rowland CAPRI S2 (balanced)



2 x Revel B15a subs (balanced) > ATC SCM 50 ASL (balanced - 80Hz HPF from subs)



*Via Power Inspired AG1500 AC Regenerator

LPS: 3 x Swagman Lab Audiophile Signature Edition (W4S, Intona & FMC)

Storage: QNAP TS-253Pro 2x 3Tb, 8Gb RAM

Cables: DIY heavy gauge solid silver (balanced)

Mains: dedicated distribution board with 5 x 2 socket ring mains, all mains cables: Mark Grant Black Series DSP 2.5 Dual Screen

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