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Volume control problem w V-dac

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I recently replaced my old Stereolink 1200 USB Dac w a MF V-Dac. (Absolutely worth it!). The V-dac is superior in every way except for one little annoyance. With the old Stereolink, I could use the volume control on the keyboard -doesn't work with the V-Dac. Of course I can use the application (Itunes 9.0.1, WMP or VLC) to control the volume, but the keyboard is just more convenient in daily use.


I dual boot between Mac Os x 10.5.8 and Windows 7 Ultimate - same problem. (So not OS specific).


I also tried every setting in Control panel /System Settings. Keyboard driver installed (Microsoft). Played with driver settings in Device Damager to no avail.


Any ideas?


ATdhvaannkcse. (Thanks in advance :-) ).






PS Audio DirectStream DSD Bridge -> Classe CA-2200 - >B&W 803-D2, Nordost Tyr cabled. Synology NAS, MinimServer, BubbleDS.

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The volume control on the keyboard controls the system volume. If you are using the toslink connection, then the system volume is automatically maxed and fixed. I forget if usb is the same, but you can check in OSX if you press the volume up/down buttons and the little level box comes up indicating that you can't change it. I don't know of a work around unfortunately.


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