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network problem

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Not sure if this is the correct forum to ask be here goes anyway.


To improve my WiFi I bought a Asus rt-ac68u router. To replace a Sitecom N300 and an old Sitecom 5 ports 10/100 switch.


However now Foobar2000 cannot see my NAS. The laptop runs windows XP. When I open the network centre, it sees the Router but not the NAS. When I connect the Ethernet cable directly into my laptop it does detect the NAS or when I use the old setup switch+N300 it also detects the NAS.


Can anyone help me?


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Things to check:


(1) Do your devices get IP addresses assigned? [1]

(2) On the status page of the router: can you see the relevant computers?

(3) Did your security settings change (normally only relevant for wireless connections)?


How do you tell Foobar2000 where to find the files? Normally I would expect a network share. You might have to fix the Windows share mapping, especially if it uses network names which include sub-networks, which will change with a new router.


[1] Are you using static addresses somewhere? Routers normally use the address space 192.168/16, but the third byte of the IP address is manufacturer specific. If you use static addresses anywhere, you probably need to adapt them to the new router's address space.

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A friend of mine just more or less fixed the problem. The Asus rt-ac68u was creating a second network. But is should be slaved to my main router.


So we entered the router settings. Only thing is now the router cannot be accessed any more. But for now it is working. We'll tackle the other problem at a later stage.


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