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Challenges to golden ears.


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I have an app that challenge you with sound blind tests.you have to listen to music and decide which one is better.The wave format file should be the one that

you select if you think you have golden ears.Click the link below to check it out

It's in google play for android phone.




or search banjerd sound test in google play

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I'm just fooling around on my iPad with limited fuctionality but somehow expected to be able to download files I could playback through my main system. The page is in Thai, but easily translated.


I think that playback from an android phone might not be able to resolve differences in audio quality except in a very basic way.


What is the nature of your experiment and what are you hoping to accomplish? Give us some detail as to what you are trying to do and I'm sure you will have many willing to participate.


Your comment that if we have golden ears we will pick the .wav file means that you've already given us the answer.


Unless, of course, it's a trick! Wheels within wheels....

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Thank you SJK for your interest.

My app is for android phone only.

The reason I made this app is that So many people claim that they can tell the difference

between Wave and Mp3 file in terms of sound quality they hear.

Some people disagree and have the notion that Wave or mp3 they all give the same quality.

In my opinion ,Wave files always give better sound quality. But it also depends on the headphones , the player equipment and how good your ears are .

So the app offers you the blind tests that play wave and mp3 without telling you which is which.

After listening you have to decide which one is better , the app give a score if you know which one is in wave format(since it gives you more complete sound spectrum).

If anybody cannot tell the difference , He'd better stick with mp3 file since it takes up lesser storage and/or may consider trying the new set of headphones.

By the way , if you want to try the app you may have to have a decent android phone not the super cheap one from China.


Some websites offer the blind tests but they come with a loophole.Peolple can easily guess by looking at the time it takes to buffer the song ,you know,wave files take more time to buffer before starting to play

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I don't have an android phone but now do understand what you are trying to accomplish. I agree, if you can't hear the difference with your player or earbuds then there's not much point using a format that takes more storage room.


I suppose that's why I went with a Pono player, I can have high resolution music in a portable format. Mind you, I normally use that while driving - I find satellite radio to be very poor sonic quality. If I'm on the road, I use a Dragonfly USB DAC and headphones with my computer.


Best of luck with your experiment - now that you've explained it I hope you have more interest.

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