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Thoughts and suggestions for implementing Roon into my system


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My current system consists of a MacBook Pro controlling a Raspberry Pi 2 running Rune Audio that pulls music from an NAS and sends the signal to my Schiit Bifrost.


I am currently in my free trial period for Roon and I connect my MBP directly to the Bifrost via USB when I want to use Roon but its not ideal so I want to fully implement Roon into my system but I'm debating which of these two options would be the better implementation.


Option 1

Run Roon through an HQ Player/NAA implementation utilizing my Raspberry Pi 2.


Option 2

Install RoonServer on a headless Mac Mini to replace the Raspberry Pi 2.

Cost is a determining factor in my decision which is why purchasing a RoonReady device at this point in time is not feasible for me. I thought about trying both options out for a period of time and making a decision then, but I really do not want to waste money on purchasing a license for HQ Player only to decide I prefer the Mac Mini option, and the same goes for dropping money on a Mac Mini that I would have to try to resell should I prefer the first option above.


Any thoughts on these two options or perhaps there is another comparably priced option available that I am over looking?

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