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No 5.1 0r 7.1 over HDMI from GPU


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Hi There


Im new to the forum so hello to everyone and i hope so much you can help me.


I have a PC with a GTX970 graphics card and a Sony STR DH800 AV Receiver.


Setup : GPU HDMI to Receiver and HDMI output from receiver to HDMI TV.


I set my sound output on the PC to the GPU HDMI so i can have true 7.1 or 5.1 and also for games if and when.

I set this in sound devices no problem,this says "SONYAVAMP". In the configuration though for the speakers it only shows stereo nothing else.


I used power DVD to play a 7.1 and 5.1 films and this only comes through to receiver as PCM.


Basically i just want to use the HDMI so i can use full range of sound etc and have a 7 speaker set up.


Can anyone help me please :(





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i realize you've got graphics card drivers installed, but that doesn't say the hdmi drivers installed.

i read people stuck with the microsoft drivers while trying to manually update those drivers and the operating system refused to update the drivers saying the driver in use was the best (or newest) choice.


i've also read people needing to try different versions of the graphics driver to finally get the hdmi drivers to install.


for example, if you choose 'custom install' for the drivers .. it lets you choose what specifically you want the driver pack to install.

you could make certain the hdmi driver is selected for install.

the installer could copy the hdmi driver from the installer and put it in a folder on your hard drive and consider the installation successful without showing any error.

if the installer doesn't check to see if the operating system is honestly using the driver it put on the hard drive, there won't be an error indicating there is a problem and you won't realize the problem until trying to use the hdmi output (or looking at the audio configuration in the windows mixer and seeing it only shows stereo).


the hardware ID is the specific ID for the device that lets you search for drivers that are specific for the device.

right-click the audio icon and select playback devices.

then right-click the hdmi device and choose properties.

in that window that comes up, click the properties button.

in the window that comes up, there are three tabs near the top.

go to the details tab and you'll see a drop down menu.

click on that and choose hardware IDs.

then copy the value(s) and paste the information in the search engine to see if any driver downloads come up in the search results.


did you check to see if you've got hdmi passthrough enabled on the receiver?

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I'm not familiar with Power DVD but with other video players like Kodi or JRiver you have to specify the output device within the program itself. Check the settings in Power DVD to see this is the case?


An other option is to download and try Kodi.

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Hi Darren


I have just done a clean reinstall of the graphics driver which has the latest HD audio driver from NVIDIA.

I still only have the stereo option in configuration as the picture attached for the sony av device.


This is getting to be a pain in the arse.You guys here are giving me more help than nvidia so far..thanks :).

We pay alot of money for these cards and you dont even get a email back with a bit of advice :(:(..


Why does it not see it as a HDMI audio device and in configuration in windows it should state 5.1 or 7.1..so then this can pass through the HDMI to the receiver uncompressed ??


Kind Regards



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The screen shot above shows the NVIDIA output device is disabled and the Sony receiver is set as the default output device. Not sure why the receiver is showing up here but it's not an output device.


Try enabling the NVIDIA device (with the port you have your HDMI cable on) and set it as your default device. Then go into Power DVD settings and see if there is a setting for outputting audio through the NVIDIA device.


Here is a screen shot of the Kodi setting where you specify output device. I would think that Power DVD has a similar setting. If it doesn't, it will likely output audio to the default audio device.


Kodi Output.png

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On the graphics card i have the cable coming from one of the DVI leads to HDMI on the receiver...does it have to be plugged into the mini HDMI ?


DVI is for video only. HDMI carries both video and audio signals. You need to use an HDMI cable from the HDMI output port on the graphics card to the HDMI input on the receiver.

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Hi Darren


Now i am using the HDMI GPU to the HDMI receiver.


On ports 4 and 3 i get on the display : 2 speakers - linear PCM


On ports 2 and 1 i get on the display : 7 speaker - linear PCM


But still on the configure for the speaker settings is still only stereo and it says sony as the out put device ?

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the fact that your receiver is showing up as a DVI connection proves the driver isn't working correctly, some would say it is corrupted.


by chance, you aren't using a DVI to hdmi adapter with the graphics card are you?

i'm using a DVI to hdmi cord for my connection to my monitor, and the monitor's model number shows up in the digital audio settings of the nvidia control panel.

however, the monitor is not listed in the playback devices. but that could be because i've got the audio on the monitor turned off.


i'm unable to find on the internet if you can get surround sound through the DVI connection, i've only read about stereo sound working.


if you've got one of them video cards with an honest hdmi connector (not to be confused with DVI to hdmi), then i am thinking your graphics drivers aren't configured correctly.

it's not your fault about the configuration, there is nothing you can do about it through the nvidia control panel because the driver configuration tells the control panel what can and can't be done.


you need to use a driver cleaner that will remove the rest of the data the nvidia uninstaller leaves behind.

that way you aren't stuck with an old configuration that isn't working properly.

(i know the nvidia installer offers to perform a clean installation, but there is no guarantee the settings are being erased)


no reason why you've got four hdmi ports listed in playback devices, unless your graphics card has four hdmi connections.

i'm seeing gtx970's with multiple displayports, but i don't see any with multiple hdmi ports.


causes me to believe the graphics card drivers are simply broken.


sometimes you've got to tell the software whether it is going to decode the audio or if it will passthrough the bitstream.

might be another thing to look into.


i'm looking at the receiver's operation manual.

are you certain you've got 3/4.1 chosen for speaker pattern?

do you have the digital audio input decoding priority on auto?

looks like your receiver doesn't have a hdmi passthrough, but rather an amp or tv+amp selection.

the manual also said dts-hd master audio sampled at 192khz will be downsampled to 96khz (dunno if you were aware of that).


anyways for this situation,

you are either going to totally erase the graphics card drivers and use a different version until the hdmi output works.


you try hunting down drivers for the audio chipset used on the graphics card with the hardware ID.


look at the video playback software to see if there is an option to choose between software decoding or bitstream passthrough.


use the hdmi connection rather than the DVI connection.


get the settings right on your receiver.

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Im Rearly confused,I have a creative z card which i bought, this will do Dolby and dts 5.1 but not 7.1 as this is optic.


All i want to do is set up the HDMI so i can play the sound through this now and it pick up the different streams etc.

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Everything i put through the ports 1 and 2 still say linear pcm


linear pcm means the surround sound format is implied as already decoded.

see, it is like using seperate analog connections for all of the speakers except you would be using the DACs on the receiver rather than the soundcard.

you want it this way to get sound from the surround speakers anytime, rather than limited to the surround formats only (such as video games).

back in the day, if you connected the soundcard to the receiver with coax or optical, the only way to get surround sound for video games was to use dolby digital live or the dts encoder that would encode the audio first before sending it out (used more of the cpu).


if you can't get the windows configuration to show 5.1 or 7.1 .. then there is still a problem with the drivers.

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this was last updated about a year ago (almost exactly) and it should be able to remove the hdmi drivers.

i've never-ever used this software though, so i don't know if it is any good.

i know the older software i used hasn't been updated in a long time, therefore there is a chance it won't remove the hdmi drivers.

i was reading through the change logs for the software and there was something mentioned about the nvidia virtual audio device, therefore that leads me to believe it will remove the nvidia audio stuff too (in combination with the latest update date).


Display Driver Uninstaller Download version

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