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Directional Effect of Firewire Cable : A Case Report (on the ULN-2)


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I was among one who never believed in the effects of Firewire cables. Nonetheless, my recent incident makes me rethink about it.


My Shuttle XPC SG31G2 with OSX86 works very well with the Metric Halo ULN-2 using the front Firewire port. This gear sounds so fantastic though. Thanks Barry and Clay, btw !!


The rear Firewire problem has a very unique problem with the bundled 0.5-meter cable. It works only on one direction !! OMG. The led indicators light up but not the Firewire data signal, meaning data link is not established. This was also reproducible with the 0.5-meter cable of the M-Audio Firewire Solo.


Sometimes this 6-pin cable even didn't power up the ULN-2 unit. Strangely enough, the other supplied 2-meter Firewire cable didn't have any problem at all.


I tested these two 0.5-meter cables with a MacBook's Firewire port and found no problem at all. So, my conclusion is the problem is due to the SG31G2's rear Firewire port.


Or should I become a Firewire cable "believer" ?


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