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Looking for a NAA platform for HQplayer or Volumio: UDOO and others

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I am looking for a platform for HQplayer as NAA (I have an i7 based PC I can use as server). I like the idea of being able to upsample on the fly.


As a NAA UDOO would be very lightly taxed, so I think the NEO BASIC would do. Is there any compromise on the side of the USB chip? I need no WiFi. I will be connecting an USB AUC 2 async DAC which needs no power from the USB line.


If installing Volumio on the UDOO, would the UDOO basic version be two small?


What are the enclosure options for the UDOO?


I have thought of the iFi 12V/1.8A PSU, which for the basic should be ok (they offer a 2A themselves as accessory).


Other options are RbPi2 (buy I hear about noisy/compromised USB), NUC (Atom), BeagleBone, CuBox. I am looking for a good USB output, have these been measured/compared?

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