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The "best-value" solution to "clean-up" USB chain on CAPS/HTPC?


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Right now I am running a HTPC/CAPS server as follows:



Windows7 Ultimate

Gigabyte motherboard with a "USB DAC UP" port

Intel Core i3 (low-wattage CPU)


180GB Samsung SSD

External PS connected via Pico PSU adapter



Items running into the PC:


NAS/HDHomeRun/LAN via wired Ethernet

Power lead from external power brick

Logitech wireless USB chip for keyboard



Items running out of the PC:




The DAC outputs to a NAIM integrated amp / stereo 2.0 speaker setup.





While most of any forthcoming investment will be spent on a new DAC like the Schiit Yiggy, I am prepared to invest "a little" into improving the USB output, NOT that I know of anything currently wrong with it.



Items under consideration:



-JCAT internal USB card (E)

-PAUL PANG internal USB card v2 © or v3 (E)

-SOTM itnernal USB card / external hub / internal hub (Is there a difference between these?) ... all (E)

-Uptone Regen ©

***Something I'm not considering?***





I'll probably upgrade the USB cable(s) but NOT with anything fancy. Probably just a $20 PYST from Schiit. I may also add a $25 CPU fan filter from SOTM. (Probably nothing more with regards to internal filters.)



I think I am willing to consider one of the (E) products above or maybe two of the © products...if that helps.

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IMO the USB Regen will give you the most bang for the buck if you are looking for what to buy in terms of priority. Doing what it does right at the DAC it helps improve most USB issues. Improving the USB signal only gives you more which leads to the next recommendation - the USB Card.


The JCAT USB card (mfd by Adnaco) is the best USB card out there.


A good Linear Power Supply would be highly recommended.

Consider brands like HDPlex, Uptone, Teradak etc - depending on your budget.

There are some reasonably good Chinese LPS available via Ebay.


I have found very good results with the Array AC Filter Cable - in place of the Linear Power Supply.

I use one each for my AudioPC and the Regen.


Hope this helps!

Win10 Transport + Fidelizer 8.7 + JRMC 28 & HQPlayer | Mutec MC-3+ Smart Clock USB |  Job INT | Green Mountain Audio Eos HX



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