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Standardizing higher resolutions

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Hey guys, I'm new here. I wanted to ask you if you think anything higher than Redbook quality will ever be standardized as the norm for digital audio. I personally think that SACD and DVD-A were ahead of their time, and that a perceived lack in simplicity of use, combined with the classic format wars, killed them. I wish that Bluray would catch on more, because I think that HD audio paired with video will catch the attention of the masses much more quickly, and maybe hopefully they'd adapt to it and they could release a pure audio format that is higher than CD quality. I also think that in order for such a thing to succeed there would have to only be one format with "quality control" guidelines enforced. Either that or, well, I could see the iTunes Store and so on advancing into lossless and then higher downloads.


Oh, and they'd have to not kill it out the doors with DRM... >.<


Also, I have thought of another possibility. The day may come in technology where we are able to store analog audio in ways that are used for digital today. Memory cards capable of storing varying values instead of just on/off readings, optical discs that read in such a way that produce non-digital output, etc. It'd be interesting if things wound up reverting to an improved form of analog.


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Well if you do not want DRM you do not want Bluray. In any case, I feel that ultimately all media distribution will be through the internet, either through streaming or download. Even now I know a lot of people who no longer deal with DVDs or Bluray Discs-they get all their movies through download. As developments in the Internet result in higher bandwidth and better speed, media distribution will shift to being internet based. The good part of this is that for music, internet distribution will spell the end of format wars, as computers are capable of handling music files at many different resolutions without hardware upgrades. The bad side of internet distribution is that it is pretty easy to think that all major music distribution will end up being lossy compression formats only, this where we audiophiles have to spread the word to other consumers, and make sure that everyone demands music distribution over the internet at higher resolutions. It would not be hard for music to be offered in three resolutions for purchase over the internet: MP3, CD level-16/44.1, and high resolution, either 24/88.2, or 24/176.4, at correspondingly increasing price points.

I really think the key here is that Audiophiles, along with music lovers, music producers and musicians really have to be adamant in the next five years in pushing for higher resolution distribution, or else we may end up stuck with lossy compression for the distribution of most music.


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Hi All,

Not only audiophiles should spreed the news about hi-res. I can see iTunes becoming a great player in changing the attitudes of the public. I'm sure if iTunes decided to do hi-res, i.e. so they can charge more for each down load, they would do a bang up job in selling it to the masses. I can suddenly see bit rate and lossless becoming desirable if "advertised" right.


Home entertainment systems will have a computer at the center and if Apple is smart they should be at the forefront of this. Everyone wants an HD 1080 picture and 5.1 for their movies. It's not that tough of a sell to anyone that is a fan of music. The trick is really is how to do it so that the masses doesn't feel ripped off because now there are being told all the MP3's they have purchased really is crap.






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