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Need advice for ISO to DFF (or DSF) -> AIFF – e.g. Optimal Settings for ISO2DSD + DSDMaster


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I've recently procured ISO files for four MOFI Hybrid SACDs that I own (all of the Pixies albums).


Also, I have downloaded the Sonore ISO2DSD software as well as an app called DSDMaster from the App store (I'm a Mac user).


I want to make sure I'm correctly extracting these files for maximum resolution.




Options should be as follows (please confirm):


(after selecting the specified .iso file)

Channel Mode: Dual

Output Mode: PhillipsDSDIFF

Leave options unchecked

Click Execute




Output format: AIFF

Output sample rate: (The max sample rate on my sound card is 96 kHz; how do I know what the sample rate is on the files if I indeed want to mirror them?)

Select the files and let it run


My biggest take aways are that I want to make sure I'm properly extracting the DSD files from the ISO file. And then that I'm properly reformatting the DFF files without any quality loss. Or could I, for example, select 44.1 kHz and it would would dither (I hope that's the right term) the DSD files to 24/44.1?


Thanks for any input. I'm not new to this but some of the fine details still elude me.

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MFSL masterings are top class, so let's figure out the best way to avoid any losses in SQ, so they sound like the original.


There's always choices, the method below is one way, there's others for sure.


The SQ between DFF and DSF is just about less zero. DSF has the advantage of being tagged, by MP3Tag for example, whereas DFF cannot.


If your DAC can accept PCM 96kHz only, there's a decision to convert on the fly or offline. HQPlayer does a quite a reasonable job of the on the fly converting DSD to PCM, but cannot convert offline. Jriver can also play ISO files direct without conversion, IMO HQPlayer does a better job. Audirvana + does a great job if you have Mac to play ISO files direct and also convert to 96kHz. On the fly conversions can draw a bit of horsepower from your computer, use an minimum of i7 + 16GB RAM.


Conversion offline


To convert DSF to PCM/ AIFF offline is a messy process, you can do it, but recommend not to. Fair bit of debate about the conversion process, there's conversion losses and considering the source and effort, I would tend to preserve the DSD to play on a DSD DAC or on the fly conversion, should re-coin that to online.

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