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24/192 vs DSD??

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Dear Friends,

I am currently using Apogee quartet as a DAC. I've downloaded DSD files recently, (Miles Davis On the Corner and Weather Report Black Market) and listened to them on Audirvana.

My dac turned the files to 24/192. It was the first time I heard DSD and I was kind of blown away by the difference from my other flax files. Instrument separation, dynamics etc.


Now I would like to upgrade my dac. Will I be able to hear the difference between DSD and 24/192?


if there is an audible difference, I would like to buy ifi Idsd. If not, I would like to but United Audio Apollo thunderbolt, I'm also professional musician, and I will use need recording capabilities.


Any help on this topic would be appreciated.

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Humm if Audirvana show 24/192... your DAC isn't playing the DSD file as DSD...

mine Show DSD64 output in Audirvana for Black Market album...

Is your DAC DSD capable?


Mine "On The Corner" are 24/96... :-)

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Difference will anyway. More or less. Sometimes you will do not hear difference.


Absstract DSD as itself don't bring nothing comparing.


Impossibly discuss abstract 24/192 vs. abstract DSD.


Possibly discuss certain implementations.


If you want improve sound and prefer DSD, you need found DSD DACs that sound better (for you or have better features by measurements) than your current one.


Also you can achive improvement via purchasing new PCM DAC.

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The iDSD is from all reports a very good DAC, so I don't think you would regret buying it.

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The absolute answer to that is - maybe. Depends upon the DSD file - straight DSD64 vs 24/192 is always a tough call. Often the 24/192 will sound better.


Unless of course, you are converting the DSD64 file to 24/192, which is what you seem to be doing. If you were to try a DAC that handles DSD, it might sound a lot better. Or not.


Now if you are converting DSD128 or DSD256 to 24/192, then the odds of the DSD sounding better to you increase enormously. Not an absolute guarantee, but the odds are in your favor. I certainly second Jud that the iFi iDSD DACs are great. I'll go further to say that they compete well with DACs several times their cost, at least so far as DSD goes.


DSD (to me) usually sounds cleaner, more pure, more detailed, and so on. In fact, heresy notwithstanding, a good production played back with DSD128 at home, is often far more enjoyable to me than the live event. At home, I have the most perfect seat in the house, little or no distracting neighbors, I can share it with folks I love and cherish, and of course, I can listen to it again, or pause it if I need a break.





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