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Stuttering audio after upgrading to windows 10.


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I have been using Windows 10 for a few months now but I still got problems with stuttering sound. I never had this issue with Windows 8.1. I do not know what to do, I have disabled Defender and Windows updates and such but it does not go away.

Sometimes it plays for hours without problem and then suddenly it is back again. Maybe I should go back to Windows 8.1....

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Check out Fidelizer - You can download a "free" version and it basically optimises your system, by shutting down unnecessary services. Maybe, it will be the solution to your problem and you can use it together with JRiver...



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Also check this video, its quite long but really worth it! I have used this together with Fidelizer and was very satisfied...



Now, I just use Daphile and no need to worry about anything! Good luck!!



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I use JRiver V.19 something. Shutting off services maunally does not help. Maybe Fidelizer could be it.

I think you might need to uninstall it then reinstall it. My brother utilizes that version and had similar problems. So he uninstalled Jriver and then 're installed it, viola it now works fine.


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Fidelizer has features to change timer resolution of Windows from 15.6ms to 0.5ms. That usually solve stuttering issues without a risk as described by mojave here.


Last week I tried the trial of Tidal. Streaming the lossless audio was giving me some dropouts and pops regardless of JRiver settings. I tried using Fidelizer in Network Streaming mode and it allowed me to set the JRiver Live Playback Latency to minimum and buffering to either something less than 50 ms (I can't remember the exact setting). I had no more dropouts/pops with Tidal. Audio with ripped music did not sound any different. I'm still experimenting.


Quote from: windowsx on January 20, 2015, 12:21:27 pm

1. It utilizes Windows' Multimedia Realtime framework (MMCSS and such) to configure multimedia task in favor of audio playback. You can see some DAW software having MMCSS feature. Fidelizer does similar stuff like that but in its own way. This isn't tinkering OS but optimizing core audio using safe code and instructions provided by Microsoft. Again, it's all about using Microsoft stuff and doesn't tamper anything else outside what OS originally offers.

Just to confer, Steinberg Cubase 7.0.6 (Aug 2013) had this update:


Improved audio stability

To improve the overall audio stability under Windows, Cubase now ensures that the ASIO driver threads are using Windows MMCSS (Multimedia Class Scheduling Service).


However, ASIO 2.3 gave the ASIO driver the ability to set the MMCSS affinity and Steinberg states the only correct way to now do is to let the driver handle it and not the DAW.


More on MMCSS from Microsoft: Multimedia Class Scheduler Service



2. It manages processes like priority and core affinity. This is some what tinkering OS like Jim said and not always safe to do so default configuration won't perform this.


3. It can shutdown non-audio services leaving only audio ones or other required features like Network. Since shutting down service doesn't seem to be healthy activity for most people. It's a feature for Extremist that was once removed and brought back again upon request.

I tried Extremist and my HTPC locks up with a 0 dBFS audio static signal going to my DAC and amps!


Source: https://yabb.jriver.com/interact/index.php?PHPSESSID=2tgbbk5v37k9a5eifs4f0r3131&topic=94897.msg653850#msg653850


If Fidelizer doesn't solve your problem, you may consider increasing buffering size, applying Windows Update and update drivers.



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