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Best Ways to Best Sounding Sinatra


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Can anyone provide sources (CD, SACD/DSD files, or Hi-Res downloads) to the best sounding recordings of Frank Sinatra? I'm especially interested in the recordings that we hear nearly everyday that made him so iconic (examples are "Let's Fly Away", "New York, New York").....songs you would hear in things from TV commercials.....that you would hear in places such as Olive Garden or if you were at the Belmont Stakes just before that horse race when they play "New York, New York".


I do know that many of his recordings are available on Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs' SACDs. As a picker for an Amazon.com Fulfillment Center, I have picked a few copies of the multi-CD Ultimate Sinatra that have piqued my interest, but I'm not sure how well all of these recordings on physical media have been received by listeners, as well as the DR values and other important parameters.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help.

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