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KingRex Unanimous UArt USB Y-Cable - (almost) NEW

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This KingRex USB Y-cable is similar to the iFi Gemini cable, with two type-A plugs on the computer end and one type-B plug at the other end - but just better quality. That double-header design keeps data and power lines on physically separate legs, which can offer much clearer and cleaner sound.


Sold new for $600 (I'm the original owner, purchased from Moon Audio).

My price = $230 (add $12 for the original box, it's BIG - 12" x 8" x 3.5")

That price includes FREE Priority Mail shipping (in CONUS) and I'll cover the PayPal fee.

Some more info:

Length: 2 meters

Series: U-Art

Type: Y

Conductor material: silver-plated OFC

Cable design: 4 Signal Conductor Symmetricon

Structure: flat (inverted concentric structure)

USB plug types: Y-type, A-B (one A is for signal and another one is for power)

Special treatment: cryogenic treatment in -196 centigrade

USB plug: 24K gold-plated 1μ (micron inch)

USB plug case: red-anodized aluminum CNC, with special damping to absorb vibration


This cable was 100% hand-built in Taiwan, and with all the USB cables I've bought, this one is barely used, in pristine condition.


Two photos below taken on my dining table, and all questions quickly answered.


Dave, who says it's interesting how big the original box really is






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