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Lampizator Golden Gate SE with volume control 115/230 V

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Selling excellent condition Lampizator Golden Gate, single ended with volume control. Manufacture date 08/2015 (I estimate it has around 400 hours which is burn in time for GG). Includes original packaging, 5 years transferable warranty (excluding tubes), certificates for GG and the tubes (music tubes are Western Electric Replica 101D, rectifier is Metal base Psvane 274b)


Please check the ebay add for my feedback:Lampizator Golden Gate DAC/preamp | eBay



- USB input plus RCA S/PDIF and Toslink

- Volume Control with full preamp feature set with 1 extra analog input including remote control

- USB input up to 384K PCM (32 bit) and up to 256x DSD

- Jupiter Copper paper /Wax caps (USA) with Duelund Cast Silver bypass capacitors


Shipping international so please ask for exact pricing.


Price 8900 euros (incl. paypal) + shipping: small negotiating is possible









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GG sold, however currently incoming a completely new maxed out Big7 balanced - QUAD-MONO design with volume control / apple remote, DSD 256, PCM DAC 384 kHz,

tubes: military grade rectifier, 4 * standard Psvane 101D music tubes

output capacitors: Jupiter Copper Wax.

inputs: analogue RCA pair, USB, spdif RCA, toslink;

outputs: balanced XLR pair , single ended RCA pair:

specials: all silver internal wiring.


compatible tubes are: 101D, 300B, 45/245/345, 242 and PX-4


Please ask for pricing and shipping cost (total weight 20 kg), will do an ebay add and photos when the unit arrives.

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