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Issues with streaming music on Mini?

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Has anyone experienced problems with streaming music on the Mini? Every now and then, the sound will drop out & I'll hear what sounds a bit like the noise you get when fast-forwarding a CD, but at a very low volume. Occasionally it will drop out completely for 5-10 seconds. Then it will behave - sometimes for days - before doing this again.


I never had this experience running from my iMac. I've had this problem (on the Mini) with Pandora and last.fm. I don't have this problem at all when I run iTunes. So it seems to something about the Mini or the configuration. One difference is that my Mini is in fairly close proximity to my Airport Extreme and cable modem - can this be a factor?


Any ideas?





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I was just looking on here to see if I could get a bit of information on this same problem. I hear faint distortions sometimes when I am streaming to my Apple TV. I have my mini also connected to another system via USB and I switch between the two systems. It's doesn't seem to have the problem with the USB DAC but I do get gritty sound I'd call it from time to time via the streaming to the Apple TV and Cambridge DAC Magic.


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