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noob needs player advice...


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I am having trouble finding a player that will collect and play all the music on my laptop. Not just play music but also sync with

my droid. I quit using iTunes when I learned it didn't play well with other players and devices. I now have the Amazon music player on my laptop and droid. They seem to work well together. Any music I purchase and download shows up in Windows media player as well as the Amazon player and my phone. However, I have a bunch of music in iTunes which I seem only able to play when on my laptop. No player I've tried seems to be able to pull files out of iTunes and convert them to a usable format.


Am I screwed and destined to repurchase all that music from Amazon (or a competitor) just cuz I am unable to get my music from iTunes to my droid? I am open to suggestions. Thanks in advance.



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Baby steps, but your going to need a little more information as you go. Like are you using a laptop, etc. What's your playback set up. Etc.

Once you provide that kind of information, you'll get plenty of help.


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