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Dirac Live and Roon - full integration

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Having discovered both Roon and Dirac Live during 2015, and thoroughly loving both, I can see a real synergy here and would be ecstatic if they were to be fully integrated - such that Dirac could be used in conjunction with 'RoonSpeakers' and 'RoonReady' devices launching imminently.


From a brief discussion on the Roon forums, a generic AU/VST implementation is unlikely, but it seems they would be open to a more specific integration of Dirac. (my interpretation anyway!)


It would be amazing to be able to have Roon managing the tunes, Dirac managing the Room EQ, and then Roon sending the result off to my DAC or 'endpoint' of choice, opening it up to users of Aries, Aurender, Bryston etc. Maybe you could even have different calibration files for endpoints in different rooms - EQ in every room! But that's jumping ahead, right now I'd just like to use it on my lounge hifi.


Would anyone else like to see it, or is it just me?


If it doesn't happen, I'm sure they will end up making a generic convolver, and then people will be forced to use other Room Correction solutions that can output filters.

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