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Devialet with high efficiency horn speakers


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Hello. I'm using avantgarde omega duos and currently drive them with a highly modded tact millenium mk3. The tact directly converts pcm to pwm. It reduces the volume by reducing the voltage beeing switched, thats why it keeps its resolution down into mili

Watt levels and sound so good into my horns. The tact died on me and I'm not sure it can be fixed. Looking at other one box solutions with a sub out where i can adjust xo frequency, slope, level, delay and apply eq if needed. The devialet seems the only amp that has this functionality.


My question is whether anyone has experienced devialet with very high efficiency speakers?


Read a review somewhere that says the devialet needs to play at higher volume to sound good and that was using low efficiency speaker. If this is true it if would sound poor into my hornlooking forward to comments

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I have a working Tact amp I might part with if you are interested. M2150 with the volume knob on it. Mine is silver. PM me if you have any interest.

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Tried to join the devialetchat forum but they do not like my email and/or ip address so I thought I ask here. Meanwhile i did sone googeling and gound comments that devialet soubds excellent into horns when max output power is restricted to 30 watts

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Ah well maybe even if it is difficult to join you could scan through the Speaker section as a non member, from what I recall there are a number of users using them with horns and/or high efficiency speakers and as you noted you can definitely set the maximum power you want from the Devialet.


Or if you want I can post your query there for people to respond to....


All the best.



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Thanks a lot for your help. Meanwhile i found the information i was looking for through google search in the devialet forum. Probably going to order the 200 model


Hi Duomike,


I have a 200 and love it. I play it into ATOHM GT1 speakers, which is referred to as an Ensemble, and is packaged by Devialet.


This is a reasonably efficient two-way bass reflex standpoint loudspeaker, with the following spec:


Drive unit compliment: 1x 28mm fabric dome tweeter, 1x 150mm alloy cone mid/woofer

Frequency response: 45Hz-30kHz

Crossover frequency: 2.5kHz

Sensitivity: 89dB

Impedance: six ohms

Power handling: 100W

Peak power: 200W

Dimensions (HxWxD): 33x20x26.5cm


Price: €2,500 per pair


I am confident you will not be disappointed - highly recommended.


Good Luck

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Hi Ajax, thanks for your comments!

Hello Duomike,

We recently installed a pair of Devialet monos and one artifact we noted addresses your concern. These playing at low level are as delineated and musical as they can easily be at high volumes. They replace a "heavy metal" Levinson which souded beautiful but clearly needed to be goosed to jump up to the plate. Considering your energy demands a D200 would be ideal.


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Hello Duomike. I have a 120 with a pair of Joseph Pulsars which are stand mounted speakers. Although not horn speakers I have found the power quite adequate for an average sized room. The 120 is somewhat less expensive than the 200 and has all the same functions. I'm very satisfied with mine. If you are interested in where I got mine etc. pm me.


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