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TotalDAC D1 USB Filter/Cable, 1 meter

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I've bought too many of this great USB audio cable.

And while I'm keeping two, here's one for sale.


Barely used, 1 meter, with USB A to USB B connectors.


TotalDAC writes, and I much agree: "A shielded aluminium box embeds high performance filters to suppress digital pollutions...the sound is then more natural, more transparent and without harshness."


Sells new for 330 euros (aka, $354 today), plus shipping.

My price = $230

That price includes free Priority Mail shipping (CONUS only) and the PayPal fee.


One photo below, and I'll gladly help with any questions.


Dave, who says more info on this TotalDAC page including links to reviews




Music is love, made audible.


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