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Firewire >> AES device

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Hi Everybody my first post so be gentle

I now have a mac mini and wish to connect too my HI-end DAC to enjoy 24/192 and hi-rez downloads, my dac does not have firewire/USB input only has optical, RCA spidif & AES so I'm looking for some sort of firewire > AES jitter free device any advice ?


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What price range? what is your existing DAC?


Answers to these questions will help us provide the most appropriate answer.


Bel Canto has a (non Async) USB converter for S/PDIF.


Wavelength has a planned Async USB device.


Weiss has a couple of Firewire to AES/EBU devices, one available now (the AFI1) and another, less expensive version available soon (the INT202).


There's also the Hag USB converter, which is quite inexpensive, and other Firewire devices as well, depending on your budget.





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