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Merging + Nadac

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Hi everyone


I have for sale my 2 Channel Merging + Nadac. The first in Australia.


Universal voltage - 100 - 240v 50/60Hz.


It is in mint condition. All factory packaging. Sound quality via DSD is superb.


Asking US$7000 Priced to sell quickly.


Shipping will be via Fedex - tracked and insured. Shouldn't be more than US$300; if it is, I will pay it.


Can package if needed with my 2 TB SSD + mSATA240GB dual LAN totally passive i7 6550 16 GB RAM windows server for another US$2.6k; or US$10k shipped for both.


Direct deposit to my bank account in Australia, or we can use a reliable third party escrow if you have any concerns.





Best Wishes


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