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Linux distribution suggestions for headless MPD server?


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I am currently running a USB stick implementation of mpdpup on an old Fit PC Slim outputting to a Berkeley Alpha USB converter. I want to keep using the Fit PC Slim as a music server, but I would like to install a Linux distribution that allows me to use the latest version of Music Player Daemon.


Does anyone have suggestions of a lightweight Linux distribution, good for audio, that will run off a USB stick and allow the latest MPD version? I would rather keep it console only (no X Windows) because the Fit PC Slim is not very powerful with only 512 MB RAM.


Thanks for any suggestions,


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I have used Voyage MPD for some time before starting to build my own images and used USB sticks as boot media on my test system. You can run Voyage from a 512 MB partition and it is fully functional with 256 MB of RAM.

Primary ::= Nabla music server | Mutec MC-3+USB w/ Temex LPFRS-01 RB clock | WLM Gamma Reference DAC; Secondary ::= Nabla music server | WaveIO | PrismSound Lyra

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