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Problem wih Bottlehead DAC and XMOS on NUC D5420WYB


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I just finished my 3rd CAPS type server - this time by simply buying a NUC D5420XYB PC, putting it in a fanless Akasa case and pairing it with SOtM external USB hub (still in transit) . OS is Windows 10 PRO. This has worked fine with a DSpeaker DAC but when I hook up my Bottlehead DAC and download and install XMOS software I get a small bit of digitally distorted music and the music stops and PC loses touch with the DAC. This happens on different USB slots. I get the same distortion when I run a test tone, so it's not in the JRiver software - I also get distortion if I use Windows Media Player. If I hook the DAC up to my old Sony laptop running Vista it all works. While I can install and run simple PCs, I have no idea how to troubleshoot this problem. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Well, never mind, - following a tip on the Bottlehead Forum I fooled with the USB settings in BIOS, disabling Legacy and HCI (whatever that is). I think I may have converted the 3.0 USB outlets to 2.0, but for my purpose of just using this as a server that is not an issue. Thanks to anyone who considered my problem.

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