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HQPlayer network-audio HTTP stream

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Hi. Mostly this question is to Miska.


Is it possible to get high-fidelity output from HQPlayer via embedded HTTP server?


Devialet Phantom can be trivially redirected to play an HTTP stream, with any supported format (FLAC/ALAC/WAV included).

The DAC inside is TI PCM1798 and it should accept 192/24 input easily (in fact it plays such FLAC files).


So question is whether it's possible to have HQPlayer have internal HTTP webserver which, when queried, answers with FLAC or raw WAV PCM stream at 192/24 such that HQPlayer upconversion can be enjoyed with Devialet Phantom?




P.S. link to Phantom HTTP redirection trick:

Ongoing: Phantom/Dialog/Spark protocol deciphering and development - Page 2

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Having an HTTP server providing music file streams is really only one step away from a UPnP media server, which I know Miska was not keen to provide in the past for HQPlayer.


Presumably you are interested in using HQPlayer's powerful sampling algorithms, rather than just straight conversion to a 24/192 WAV PCM stream. Otherwise, why don't you just use a decent UPnP media server with transcoding capabilities, eg MinimServer?

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Well, it depends on your definition of what a UPnP media server is, but there are few out there that can provide a single simple HTTP stream, eg, Foobar2000 with the foo_UPnP plugin component and the more specialised Windows sound capturing UPnP media server, Stream What You Hear (SWYH).


Interestingly, the foo_UPnP plugin allows any of Foobar2000's installed DSP functions to be applied to the stream, so may be worth trying if there's a particular Foobar DSP function that you can use.

We are far more united and have far more in common with each other than things that divide us.

-- Jo Cox

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Asking about embedded ttp server serving a single-format audio stream, its format configured by the user, as audio output target from HQPlayer. There's nothing complex about serving a stream over HTTP, so you don't need to call it fancy names like "UPnP" or "media server". The complex part is the math behind HQPlayer, and that's why asking whether Miska would be able to add such output option.


P.S. Many other applications can serve audio streams via http, among them VLC,foobar and whatnot. Asking specifically about HQPlayer, thanks for trying to assist :)

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