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Does this setup work?


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Hey folks, nice to meet you guys, this is my first post


so you know I am a newbie. I did some research and came up with this entry level setup for music only:


Moode Audio Player for Raspberry Pi or HiFiBerry DAC



Sony STRDH130 2 Channel Stereo Receiver (Black)

Amazon.com: Sony STRDH130 2 Channel Stereo Receiver (Black): Electronics




Pioneer SP-FS52-LR Andrew Jones Designed Floor standing Loudspeaker (each)

Pioneer 5-1/4" Floor Speaker (Each) Black SP-FS52 - Best Buy

max 130w


Does this work for some basic music, like piano and songs?


Appreciate your feedback

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Moode Audio Player for Raspberry Pi or HiFiBerry DAC


Because you say "or", I'll point out that the Pi and the HifiBerry DAC are not mutually exclusive and because the the receiver does not have HDMI in you will have to provide it with an analogue signal. The headphone jack on the Pi can provide this signal but it is considered very low quality. You should probably plan on buying a DAC for your Pi (such as the HifiBerry) if your budget allows.

Nvidia ION running JRiver 21 on Win 7

- USB to Firestone Audio Bravo USB to SPDIF Converter. Optical to miniDSP NanoDigi eq/crossover. SPDIF to 2 Cambridge Audio DacMagics. Analogue to Audio Refinement Pre-5 to 2 M&K V-75 powered subwoofers & Audio Refinement Multi-2 power amp to Focal Chorus 716s.

- Intel NUC on Win 10 as JRiver 21 DLNA renderer. USB to Breeze Audio DU-U8 USB to SPDIF converter. SPDIF to Anthem MRX-520. Mirage OMD-5: left, right & surrounds. Mirage OMD-C1: center. SVS-SB-2000: subwoofer.

- Raspberry Pi2 with HifiBerry Dac+Pro on Volumio DLNA renderer to Rega Mira 3 to Dali Zensor 1s.

- Raspberry Pi2 with HifiBerry Dac+Standard on Volumio DLNA renderer to NAD 312 to PSB Alphas.

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Just one other thing , when a speaker says max 130 watts it means clean unclipped ( not distorted watts). More speakers are fried from loud under powered amplifiers than over. Also if your amp is a class D amp if it says 130 or whatever read at what distortion figure.


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