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piCorePlayer = piCore Linux + Raspberry Pi + Squeezelite

Greg Erskine

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piCorePlayer is a dedicated Squeezebox player (like a Duet receiver) for your Raspberry Pi. It is built on a small read-only linux (Tiny Core/piCore) and Triodes excellent Squeezelite player. It is small, very small, only 75Mb.


December 12 2015


Please try the new release (piCorePlayer 1.22).

Ralphy has been a great support and help during the development - so thank you very much.






  • Updated kernel 4.1.12.
  • Updated piCore (even faster booting).
  • Touchscreen support improved (the official raspberry 7" touchscreen).
  • Calibration file included.
  • Jivelite can be installed from webpage.
  • VU-Meters can be changed from webpage.
  • New high quality default VU-Meter made by forum member Kolossos - thank you very much.
  • Backlight on/off (Jivelite settings/screen/screensavers/when stopped/Display off ) then the backlight will be off when not playing, and on when you touch the screen.
  • Ralphy is providing two versions of squeezelite. The basic version which is shipped with pCP allow playback of pcm, (wav/aiff), flac, mp3, ogg and aac. It is only 1 Mb in size. The ffmpeg version is bigger (12 MB) and allows in
    addition playback of ALAC and WMA via build in ffmpeg. In the Main page you can choose which version you will use.
  • After customizing Jivelite you need to save your changes to the next reboot. This is done on the webpage ("advanced tab" in the bottom and choose "backup").








Steen & Greg

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14 January 2016


Hi all.


We are ready to release a major update to piCorePlayer - so we decided to call it version 2.00.


The major changes are:


  • Only one version of piCorePlayer, but it can now run on all known Raspberry Pi boards. So you can use the same piCorePlayer image for all your players.
  • Shairport-sync is supported and can be enabled from the "tweaks" page. It will automatically show on your iDevice (iPad or iPhone) with the name you have given your piCorePlayer. This means that you now can stream from your iDevices to piCorePlayer. It will automatically switch from squeezelite to shairport and vice versa. Just stop/pause either squeezelite or Shairport.
  • piCorePlayer menu applet in Jivelite. This means that you will have a specific piCorePlayer menu in Jivelite. From here you can reboot and save eventual changes from within Jivelite. This menu is installed from your running LMS server. At the bottom of the Plugin page in LMS you will need to add piCorePlayer repo: "http://picoreplayer.sourceforge.net/repo.xml" Save.


  • Then you go to Jivelite on the piCorePlayer. Settings - Advanced - Applet installer - piCorePlayer menu - Install.
  • Next use the arrow in the top left corner to get to the main menu. Choose "quit" in the bottom of the screen (this will restart Jivelite - so the piCorePlayer menu is visible).
  • Go to Settings - choose piCorePlayer and select "Save settings to SD-card"


  • Kernel updated to 4.1.13 and piCore to version 7.0.


IMPORTANT: Because this version is so different from the others it is not possible to use the "In situ" upgrade/downgrade system to go down from version 2.00 to a previous version. If you for some reason want to use an older version you will have to download the previous version and burn it to your SD-card.


Please try it out. For this version Ralphy has been a tremendous help and he build the shairport-sync with all its dependencies. Kolossos made the piCorePlayer menu script.



Greg, Ralphy and Steen

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6 May 2016 - piCorePlayer 2.05

Please try the new version piCorePlayer 2.05.


The team is happy to release this new version, with special focus on LMS integration and managing attached USB-disk.



  • Added a LMS-update button, so it is very easy to update LMS to the most recent nightly version.
  • Added options to mount hard-disks.
  • Added options to move the cache and preferences to mounted drive - otherwise piCorePlayer would be using your SD card, but it might be safer to use a mounted disk.
  • Added a pop-up that offers to expand the partition if it is too small.
  • Improved the update process, so that it will be future proof if anything changes in pCP.
  • Fixed the VU-meter problem.
  • A lot of minor improvements throughout the scripts.

Have a look at the LMS-configuration page (select [beta] mode on the "main" page).

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18 June 2016 - piCorePlayer 2.06


Please try the new version piCorePlayer 2.06.


This is a bug-fix version. A major part of the underlying code has been rewritten, but the appearance have not changed much.


  • piCore updated - where the libstdc++ exception bug is fixed.
  • Improved ALSA settings on the Squeezelite page.
  • Fixed the issue when trying to move LMS cache to attached Fat based USB disk.
  • Improved the update process further.
  • Numerous small bug-fixes.

NB: Please notice that you will need to install this version from 2.05. In addition, it is not possible to downgrade to a previous version anymore.


This will probably be the latest release based on kernel 4.1.


We have now started working on a major pCP update based on kernel 4.4 that contains a lot of interesting and important fixes for I2S-audio DACs.


The piCorePlayer Team

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23 Sept 2017 - piCorePlayer 3.22


The pCP team has released a minor update.


Here are the major changes:

  • Kernel 4.9.50.
  • RPi Firmware Sept 14, 2017.
  • Changed default governor to performance.  This was accidentally dropped when we changed to 4.9.y kernels.
  • Updated RPi wifi and bluetooth firmware.  Fixes BroadPwn vulnerability.
  • Updated to squeezelite 1.8.7-999.
  • Updated Allo PianoPlus drivers.
  • Add back missing hiface support. (Missing in 4.9.y kernels).
  • Allow for spaces in remote network shares.
  • Increased samba share path field length, and improved tool tips.
  • Add support for exFat file systems.
  • Fixed wifi SSID with spaces when using newconfig.cfg method.


  • Insitu Update is available, but for those that are using older images with 25MB boot partitions, pCP3.22 boot partition will no longer fit.  You will need to start with a new image.
  • LMS in repo updated to Logitech Media Server Version: 7.9.1 - 1505480690.

The released versions can be downloaded here.

The pCP team
Paul, Greg, Ralphy and Steen

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