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24/192 DAC to use with M2tech hiFace

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Hi to Coops and to Brian,


Many thanks for the info.

The hiface seems to be a very interesting product even though I don't understand much from the white paper. What I like is that it is a 24/192 usb spdif converter with an emphasis on low jitter.


I currently use Foobar with an M audio Transit usb card and M audio Asio driver, so the setup with foobar should be no issue.

What is the budget price for this product?

Your feedback would be most welcome.

I also read that a BNC version does exist.


As for a good DAC reasonably priced, I can recommend the VDAC from Musical Fidelity. Price around 200€ and works well. Not as detailed or precise as higher budget Dac (like DAC7 from ARC or Ayre QB9) but very musical.





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