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Since returning from RMAF, I have noticed a general trend from users that disturbs me.


Too many people are calling and asking me what they should buy in the way of cables, USB cables, dacs and other audio components.


This is your decision, you should not take these forums as gold. You should go out and visit dealers or talk to dealers that will let you try a product if you are not close enough to an available one.


Also think about what companies are suggesting, don't just take is as gold.


I had a fellow come to my suite @ RMAF and he was so excited that some company told him how he could use his USB DAC (not mine) up to 24/192. With a look of confusion on my face knowing said DAC... I said how is that possible your dac is a NOS 16 bit dac only capable of one sampling rate 44.1. He looked at me and that huge smile went upside down. I quickly said if you are happy with the sound you have now, why change anything?


Gang... remember a lot of things are changing, there are more and more companies joining the ranks and more and more snake oil available. Don't get so caught up in things that you loose perspective.


In the end you are the one who has to make the decision. Do what your ears think is best and have fun!





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I completely agree with Gordon on a few of his major points:

your ears are the best test;

Beware of snake oil as there's lots out there and many who will sell it.


However, there's one point where I theoretically agree, but have a practical problem and where forums like this offer a great amount of help. I have two kids, a wife and a full time job (completely unrelated to audio) and I don't live next door to an audio dealer (let alone one who has a wide variety of equipment to loan for review in my system; I also don't have the relationship with a dealer to get equipment sent to my home for auditioning). For all these reasons, the honest and varied opinions plus the wealth of information that experts offer for free are a great help in considering how to narrow down choices (and sometimes make decisions) without the optimal ability to "try before you buy" which would be the best way to choose components.


Just a bit of my real world perspective combined with a huge thanks to all who provide value here.


MBP13-128gb ssd using VoiceOver to hear the screen, iTunes, Ayre QB-9, McIntosh mx119 & mc207, Thiel CS2.4

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IMHO, I felt something had changed over the recent years - too much information, too many opinions, too many questions and too many answers. That is we are moving from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0. Just did an intensive reading on this topic.


It is said that the comming Web 3.0 will be the end of controversies. LOL !


Be happy and enjoy your music.


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I read this post in the morning and I have been thinking about it all day! We (I have my hand up) natural tend to flavor our posts based on our experience and interests and that is not always in the best interest of someone asking for advice. Chris and Gordon you guys are very neutral and transparent and that is very much appreciated. I am going to continue to reflect on all of this and read (really read) the posts and try to understand the best way to help or not help if that is best. I read a post earlier from a member doing just that and I think it made a big difference. It seems to me that this post also moved that person and it was a great thing....lets keep the ball rolling!



Jesus R


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