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Mike Moffat Interview

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So Mr. Moffat's working on a magic gadget---based on decades of well-earned technical cred and his career-consistent distaste for over-hyped/misleading/manipulative/outright dishonest marketing BS, that's exciting!


Making low cost high-value products for the "audiophile" on a budget is truly serving the community of gear/music lovers, and I've appreciated that ever since comparing products (in their day, at the audio retailers I managed) like the original Advents and Advent receiver, NAD 3020 (orig) Apt/Holman preamp, DCM Time Windows, Phillips 212 turntables, HK 2000 cassette, etc etc. Indeed, very high-value is even widely and credibly attached to Schiit's most expensive product, currently.


I'm reminded of having always liked Paul Klipsch's attitude towards some of the more "technically colorful" forms of audio hype, and I think he'd have really liked the Schiit guys (I have no idea if they ever met).


Paul would wear this large yellow button pin under his lapel that said "Bullshit" on it and would flip the lapel up to reveal it at times when some manufacturer's rep would start talking such--in his views--even at CES. Klipsch used to provide the buttons to their dealers back in the day. In our currents times, he'd likely have to pass as the number he'd have to give out to match the level of need would notably reduce profit.


I love Schiit's identity as embodied by Mike & Jason and their stated mission. I respect what Mike says about being caretakers of the hobby and just having fun amid all the...unfun...so many bring to the table. Love that Stoddard-driven blog, too, both as a former businessman and "audio enthusiast."



It's a real bonus to me when I can actually think/feel as uber-positive about the company's identity/mission and the people involved as I do about the products they offer.

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