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USB cable between MediaCenter and DAC


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Hi guys, i hope this is the correct place to post this. I am looking for a good USB cable. Have some of the middle category (supra, Cardas, dyrholmaudio spirit and a cheap audioquest).

Now i can see that all sound different, the best i have now is the spirit.

I am thinking of buying the wireworld platinum eclipse. Any one that uses that or has any advise? Its a lot of money so some experience sharing will be appreciated. :)

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Unfortunately no experience with WW but I've recently compared 4 cables syde-by-syde in my system:


1) TotalDac d1 USB (Has it's own significant character. Makes everything round and nice, large soundstage)

2) Curious USB (Pretty neutral, not that big soundstage)

3) Light Harmonic LightSpeed 10G (Shares the same signature as Curious, makes a bit flatter planes on the stage comparing to 4th cable)

4) Audioquest Diamond (The most neutral and transparent of 4)


So I kept 4th. But a friend of mine chose the LightSpeed over the following:

1) TotalDac d1 USB

2) Curious USB

3) Audioquest Diamond

4) Synergistic Active SE + UEF bullet

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I am soooooo confused. Now I read that the Nordöst - Heimdall 2.0 is way better than the wireworld platinum. What to get!!! it is not possible to do an A-B comparison:(


Not sure of your location, but if you're in the US you can take advantage of The Cable Company's cable library to try out different cables. Maybe the program extends outside the US too, not sure.


High End audio, Video & speaker cables from The Cable company

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Thanks guys, for the advice and the chance to try the Eclipse. I ordered one today, I hope to get it in a couple of days.

@ Alaric. So please do tell a bit about the cable. Did you compare it to anything else?




I did and found it brighter than the others. I like bright myself it sounds more clear to me and as I get older I can hear the highs better. Oh course I could be explaining it wrong which is most likely. Maybe it was just clearer which I took for bright? All the cables are sliver so I bought a sliver usb. I wanted the collar and cuffs to match.

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Got it today. first impressions, i don't know if I like it or not, something is defenently different than before. Looks like the treble is more crisp, but at the same time the sound stage got smaller. I guess it needs to settle down for a bit. Any ideas on how long it needs?



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