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iCAN micro SE – intergalactic launch competition (with thanks to Meze too)

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The micro iCAN (original) was for a while, the #1 rated headphone amplifier on Head-Fi. We’re over the moon to announce the launch of the all-new micro iCAN Special Edition. We are quietly confident it will reclaim top-spot.

Also, as we are as avid fans of Star Wars as the next guy (or gal), we cannot wait for the next exciting installment. Well, for the launch of the micro iCAN Special Edition (which has a fair chunk of upcoming Pro iCAN’s DNA in there) we wanted to do something really neat. With its also being Christmas, we are going to hit this competition out of the galaxy!


This is what is happening over there, as its a headphone amplifier and the original was ranked #1 we've based it on the Head-Fi forum.






Our PowerStation is here: click me!


Check out our Tidal MQA Set-up Guides below. 
Android (Renderer) Mobile
Desktop (Decoder) via USB
Desktop (Decoder) via SPDIF

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