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How to download YouTube music to iTunes for Mac?

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What's the best way to download music from YouTube to iTunes? Is this possible? For Mac.

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What's the best way to download music from YouTube to iTunes? Is this possible? For Mac.


If you use Firefox as a browser, there are many plugins that you can install to download either video or audio from YouTube to your computer. Most of these plugins are free. Just google it.

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It is possible. HTML5.


Using the Click to Flash Safari plugin, HTML5 video is displayed and you can just download the from the contextual display menu (control-click or right-click). No additional software required.


If you want just the audio portion, open the video in quicktime and go to export, and export the audio.

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As folks noted, there are tons of options, but be aware that virtually all YouTube audio is going to be AAC lossy compressed - and in my experience a lot of it is 128, or even sometimes 96kbps quality. 128 is arguably passable, but 256 is preferable, and 96 just sounds awful.


Also, it is not always easy to to tell what the bitrate is (96, 128 or 256), and if you're not careful you can accidentally re-encode the audio when you extract it from the video, resulting in a lossy AAC conversion of an already lossless AAC file.

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