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How do you get your computer outputting SPDIF or AES?


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Either/both of the following:

1. In Control Panel under Sound, select that output as default. (There are similar options in Mac, including MIDI output.)

2. In the app you are using for music output, there is usually an option to choose the output device.

Kal Rubinson

Senior Contributing Editor, Stereophile


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How do you get your computer outputting SPDIF or AES?



Are you asking about configuration or about necessary hardware? I currently have two solutions in use, the first is a PCI sound card (ESI [email protected]), the second a USB -> S/PDIF interface (WaveIO). You could find similar options for AES.

Primary ::= Nabla music server | Mutec MC-3+USB w/ Temex LPFRS-01 RB clock | WLM Gamma Reference DAC; Secondary ::= Nabla music server | WaveIO | PrismSound Lyra

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