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Slimming down Windows 10 installation experiment

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Hi there. I'm doing research about slimming down Windows 10 installation. First, let's see how normal installation looks like. I usually reboot and wait for 3 minutes but default installation has extensive search indexing so I'll take a shot after it cools down for a while.




46 Processes, 680 Threads, about 20851 handles with 700MB Memory occupied. That's what we all get after installing Windows 10 Pro. Now I'll try slimming down OS removing most non-audio stuff while retaining all multimedia features, Windows Update, .NET Framework, and other core services.




Processes and handles are reduced significantly by 30% and about half of handles and memory consumption gone, Wow. This is pretty amazing. Let's see how much I can further reduce it if I remove Windows Update, .NET Framework, most non-critical multimedia services, and other things I can think of right now without breaking the installation.




Threads and Handles went down a little but others look the same to me. I checked partition size and it saved up 400MB more than previous slimming down. I wonder if slimming down further will be worth for sacrificing features and effort to make it smaller. It's not like I can fit Windows 10 installation in 2GB partition like I did with Windows 7/8 before.


What do you guys think? Should I try slimming down Windows 10 more? Do you guys use .NET Framework, Miracast, built-in multimedia services and stuff?

Happy Emm Labs/Viola/Karan/Rockport audiophile


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