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RIP Robert Lucas


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Quite late, I know but,

Was just listening to an old Audiophile classic, Audioquest's Robert Lucas - Luke and The Locomotives. Done in 1991 it was a kick ass compilation of Chicago Style Blues. Some question on him came to my mind and a quick Google brought me the info that he had died in Nov 2008 from a drug overdose at the young age of 46, too young, too soon.

Best known for spending 5 years as the front man for the everlasting group Canned Heat he brought a special Chicago sound to the group during his years there.

RIP Robert, you are missed.

"The gullibility of audiophiles is what astonishes me the most, even after all these years. How is it possible, how did it ever happen, that they trust fairy-tale purveyors and mystic gurus more than reliable sources of scientific information?"

Peter Aczel - The Audio Critic


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