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Help and advice on potential problems connecting Auralic Vega and Burmester 032

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Hello to everyone, i write from Italy and as a lot of neighbors i dont write very well in english...


anyway... i hope you can help... this seems one of the best forum regarding digital music on the web.


I've just bought an Auralic Vega, is connected with my integrated amplifier Burmester 032 using XLR. Yesterday i've wrote to Auralic Support Center to ask about the XLR pin config of the Vega and this is the problems:


me: "Hello i’m Roberto Perdicaro from Varese, i’ve just bought Auralic Aries and Auralic Vega and i have a couple o question for you: 1 I will use Vega using the balanced XLR output connecting to an amplifier Burmestr 032, can you specify if Vega use the European or American xlr phase hot-cold on pin 2 or 3?"


answer: "Hello i'm Chris Morris, XLR 2 is hot, 1 is ground and 3 is negative. If you plan on going from XLR to RCA you need to float pin 3 if using an adapter or building a special cable. "


me: "Hello Chris, this does it means that if i use Vega by balanced XLR to my Burmester 032 (manual says xlr is 3=hot, 1=ground and 2=negative) i must set on Vega the phase on “invert”? Roberto"


answer: "Roberto... I would say it's not safe to use the Vegas XLR to your Burmeister just yet. It does seem that they use two different XLR pinouts. Let me contact the engineer and see if there is anything we can do..."



HELP!!!!! What do you think about? Some of you have had problems with Auralic Vega XLR inverted?


Thank you for any suggest...



Varese - Italia

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