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For those Sad Audiophiles who miss the Music to obtain the Sound

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I have long maintained that it is the music that counts and that great music will always transcend the medium upon which it was archived or for that matter upon which it is played!


That said, it is definately more pleasant to have great sound as well. To this end I set up a little service around 20 years ago (no longer in operation - too busy!) where I selected and recommended in a newsletter great music with great sound. I then managed to obtain the discs wholesale and passed them on at cost.


The following "mainstream" classical labels almost always get the music and sound right:


Harmonia Mundi - US, France and Germany







Channel Classics







to name just a few!


Philips, DGG and Decca are variable but often good. EMI, Decca and Philips recordings from the 1970's are often superbly natural with music to match.


Some outstanding engineers to look for:


Christopher Parker

Tony Faulkner

Mr Bear

Jean Pontefract (likely missplelled)


Jazz has almost always been well served with good sound.


Verve, Concord etc.


For the popsters, you get what you get, but quite often, if the artist is good, the sound is at least listenable.


And that is just for starters.


Moral of the story: There is no need to listen to Amanda McBroom in the millionth reissue to hear lovely sound. You may have the music too!


Go put a smile on your face; the music with the sound is there waiting.




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