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Eric Clapton Slowhand at 70 Live At Royal Albert Hall [Photo] [Review]

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Heard it from the Rolling Stones Magazine some time ago that this blu-ray is filmed in 4K UHD with a 24bit/96khz master audio. Lots of my friends who got the blu-ray also said the sound quality is fantastic.


This title was Eric Clapton's way of saying how at the age of 70 - his guitar hands are getting slower (as in his famous album "slowhand"). He celebrated his birthday with his 200th show at the Royal Albert Hall.


I got my own copy of the Deluxe Edition and the single blu-ray edition (HK version, bought on evo88.com). And I gotta say the musicianship is fantastic. It may just be the best line-up so far, with such electrifying energy and a heated crowd. Eric Clapton is still extremely charismatic in his performance hitting every note right like a shotgun to the heart.


It just reminded me all over again of the golden age when he wrote those famous songs. The feeling, meaning and mood behind songs like "Layla" and "Cocaine"...


Some say that it's still the same songs all over again across his different live blu-rays, but this one I think stands out in terms production, editing and print.


highly recommended.




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Love Clapton, but he didn't write "Cocaine"...if that's what your post is implying. It's not clear.

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