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Small LCD options to use with Mac Mini


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I have system consisting of a Mac mini, Ayre dac and OWC ext. hard drives. I currently use a 20 inch Dell lcd. I have pretty much completed ripping my cds so I would prefer a smaller footprint for the monitor. I will probably use an Itouch as a remote.


Is there an lcd 8 to 10 inches that can be used with the mac mini? Are there any inexpensive options? I thought about touch screens but they appear to be more expensive.


Any thoughts or suggestions?

Thank you



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A quick search with Google yielded this ... http://www.case-mod.com/lilliput-809gl80npc-lcd-vga-monitor-black-p-1745.html Unfortunately not really what I would consider inexpensive.


Any monitor with VGA input can be used with the MacMini via this... http://store.apple.com/uk/product/MB572


The alternative is to run the MacMini headless and get a NetBook device to connect to it via VNC / ScreenSharing.






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