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I listened to the Technics SB-C700 speakers this weekend...

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They are priced the same as the KEF LS50's (which I have never heard) and supposedly is a rival. I could only stand them for about 5 minutes. I had just been listening to some GoldenEar 5's hooked up to a Rogue Sphinx amp when I moved to the SB-C700's. The treble was overly emphasized, and had a strong brassy/metallic flavor that really skewed the music into something else. Voices especially were off. I can't recall much about the rest of the FR (though I recall good low end) because it was down right impossible to get past the treble. I wish I recalled the name of the amp, though the dealer said it was in the $7k range.


Now the Rogue/Triton 5 combo, that sounded very natural and reached far deeper in the bass than I would have ever guessed possible (given 2 six inch mid/woofers and passive radiators). The mids were clear and seemed spot on and the treble was smooth and accurate...

Hey MQA, if it is not all $voodoo$, show us the math!

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