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Problem with mpd => Yulong DA8 DAC


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Hi everybody,

I'm new to this forum but I've been reading it regularly in the last month or so.

I recently installed linux voyage + mpd version 0.10.0, with mpd ver.0.19.9, and it WAS working quite well, coupled to my new Yulong DA8 DAC.

For some mysterious reasons, the whole thing stopped working one day (I had only played a few 16/44.1Khz file at that time). After I reinstalled OS & SW, the situation has changed:

I can play correctly only (sounds very well indeed :)



I cannot play files at:

16/44.1 KHz



(didn't try DSD yet).


"I cannot play" means that on the server/client side (using GMPC) everything seems fine, but on the DAC I see a sad "No signal" message.


If some mpd-alsa-guru would like to help me, I can supply conf+log file, plus aplay output and any other needed info.


Thanks in advance


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Hi Massimo,


since it happened suddenly & voyage does not perform live updates, I would suspect some hardware issue downstream of your computer.


Do you notice anything suspicious in /var/log/mpd/mpd.log when files are not playing? Play some files directly from the console with


# aplay -D "hw:0,0" <filename>


If the format is flac, use


# flac -cd <filename> | aplay -D "hw:0,0"


For <filename> you can use something from mpd's music directory (/var/lib/mpd/music). For the correct output device name, see mpd's config file under audio_output -> device.


You might check your music server with another DAC (even if it's the onboard codec with some headphones plugged in) and also the DAC with another computer to see if the error persists.




Primary ::= Nabla music server | Mutec MC-3+USB w/ Temex LPFRS-01 RB clock | WLM Gamma Reference DAC; Secondary ::= Nabla music server | WaveIO | PrismSound Lyra

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