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Altec Lansing XT2 and XT1, Your honest opinions please

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Please tell me you didn't pay $150 for those.


What do I think of them? They're crap that would have no place in the system of someone who cares about sound quality.


If you want good portable audio, buy headphones. If you want a portable device go all out and get a bluetooth speaker with a battery. You can do so much better for your money, even if you get both.

Flac audio (MBP) to miniDSP 10x10 running REW and active crossovers to ADCOM GFA 555 and 2 QSC GX5's (Tri Amped). Using Paradigm Studio 100 V.2 Speakers modded for the Active Crossover and stereo Velodyne HGS12 subwoofers.

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